Cache Senior Planning (“CSP”) is a division of Allen Law Office PLLC. CSP was founded to help seniors ensure their estates were not only in order but also that long term care needs were properly addressed. In the past many Cache Valley families were traveling to Salt Lake to get the type of senior planning the needed, but now that is not necessary. Cache Senior Planning offers estate and medicaid planning here locally.

People are living longer as a result of better health care, thus more and more folks will need some sort of nursing home or assisted living care. The good news is that assisted living centers and nursing homes are better than ever as far as amenities go, but it takes money to run the facilities. Assisted living can start around $3,000 a month and skilled nursing home care can start around $6,000 per month. A concern becomes how to pay for this care. The three most common ways to pay for long term care are 1) with cash or other assets/income, 2) through long-term care insurance, or 3) Medicaid or VA Benefits.

Medicaid: Medicaid is the government solution for long term care. However, to qualify you have to follow the rules, and there are a lot of rules. There are asset and income requirements and the rules differ depending upon if you are married or single. With proper planning, it may be possible to save assets such as the family home. Complex and simple strategies are available to preserve as much of your estate as possible. We can lawfully help you gain peace of mind and preserve as much as we can while allowing nursing home bills to get paid. Whether you are in the planning stages or in a crisis and are applying for medicaid right now, we can help.

Estate Planning: Whether large or small, everybody has an estate. Without proper planning an estate may end up tied up in the probate courts after a death occurs. With proper planning, probate court can be avoided during life (guardianships and conservatorships) and at death. Through proper trust planning, it may be possible to avoid probate and preserve assets against Medicaid Estate Recovery. This is a complex area we are ready to assist you.